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Bandages Division

  1. W.O.W. Bandages Rolled in lengths of 4mt.
  2. Gauze Bandages USP Type VII/B.P. Type III (17 Threads)
  3. B.P. (13 Threads)
  4. Triangular Calico Bandage
  5. Suspensory Bandage
  6. Cotton/Stretch Bandage B.P./H.O. (Fluffy Wrinkled)
  7. Cotton/Crape Bandage B.P.
  8. Cotton/Crape Bandages B.P. (FE) Flesh Coloured
  9. Polyamide & Cellulose Contour Bandage B.P.(White)
  10. Cotton Elastic Bandage - Hogh Stretch. High Compression,          Rubberisedk.  K.  Eye Pads
  11. Bandage T Shaped Callco Bleached
  12. Combine Dressing (Gauze with Cotton)
  13. Gauze & Cotton Tissue B.P.C.-500gms per roll


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