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Cotton Division

  1. Absorbent Cotton Wool IP/B.P.
  2. Absorbent Cotton Balls
  3. Absorbent Lint White BPC /H/\.Q. - 500gms
  4. Viscose Waddlng - 500gms
  5. Plaster of Parts. Bandage B.P.
  6. Orthowrap Orthopaedic Bandage/Padding
  7. Plain Cotton Stocklneffe Tabular B.P./H.O.
  8. Knee Caps/Anklets ELASTIC / Without Hole
  9. Skin Traction Klt-Adult/Child (Non Adhesive)
  10. Skin Traction Kit (Adhesive)
  11. Sterile-Dressing Shell
  12. Sterile - Standard Dressing B.P.C.
  13. Pre-Injection Alcohol Swabs
  14. Sterile - Dressing Field.


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