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Test Tubes

Test Tubes are made from machine drawn, uniform thickness, low expansion borosillicate glasstubings. The bottoms of these are with uniform thickness to withstand both mechanical and thermal shocks. The rims wherever provided are strong. Test tubes without rims have heavy fire-polished endswhich is resistant to mechanical shocks of dailyuse.

Following sizes of Test Tubes are available
(Sizes in mm)

  1. 75 x 10 (3"x3/8")
  2. 75 x 12 (3"x1/2") 
  3. 100 x 12 (4"x1/2") 
  4. 125 x 15 (5"x5/8") 
  5. 150 x 15 (6"x5/8") 
  6. 150 x 18 (6"x3/4") 
  7. 100 x 25 (4"x1")
  8. 150 x 25 (6"x1")
  • Sr. nos. I & 2 are packed in a card board box of 50 nos. duly shrinked wrapped.
  • Sr. nos. 3 to 8 are packed in a corrugated box of 100 nos. with honey comb partition to avoid breakages during transit.
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